In Slovak republic there are not many actions for presentation of woodturning works.
I would be pleased, if I could compare my woodturning technique with other craftsmen.

Poetry of wood - Castle Radoľa, 15.6.-30.8.2017

Wood around us I

Kysuca museum in Čadca, Castle Radoľa, 1.12.2003-30.1.2004

My first prezentation was created inconspicuously, as a complement of prezentation of amateur artists from the region of Kysuce.

Prezentation was situated at Kysuca museum, castle Radoľa.

Photo prezentation


Wood around us II

Kysuca museum in Čadca, Castle Radoľa, 14.7.2004- 20.8.2004

I presented my work in summer 2004, during local market at the prezentation of handcraft production.

Specially, the willow and spalted pine sets were considered as the most interesting.

Also the walnut chalice, wooden bells and untraditional shape of same bowls attracted visitors' attention.