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about woodturning
wdturning bowls wood Wood is a unique material. There are no two identical pieces of wood in the world. It is just like with humans.
My motto:
I want to look for the beauty hidden in the wood.
I want to uncover the days and years , written by being with us to prove the eternity.
It's not possible to bind the trees by the uniform of form, because every part has its' own character.
There is just a few days in one's life. So I want to change the form to the face...
Meeting "Ball lightning"
(Rudina, July, 2011), and some foto from z event Gurt ond the tomato
Meeting súTurning_CZ-SK

Klobouky u Brna, Oktober, 2011 and the photo of some participants : Gurt  Koradim  Hand64