In this part experts for woodturning usually describe detailed technique of production as a way how to excuse the high prices of their products. The technique of woodturning is often demanding on time, tools and equipment and is not always successful.

My technique of wood turning
Short example in pictures

I use wood around us for woodturning bowls, vases and boxes.

The hard wood of the fruit trees: Apple tree, cherry, morello, pear, damson plum tree, walnut,
mulberry tree, lilac
Forest wood : Oak, beech, maple, elm, ash, birch, alder, acacia, willow, poplar, red spruce, pine
Specially attractive lineation offers spalted apple tree, spalted birch and maple cut in the period of
vegetative rest (In Slovakia November, December or January)

It is necessary to saw the green wood on planks with thickness from 80 to 150 mm and to clean it from bark. Then wood should be stored in place with a good ventilation. Planks usually become dry after 2 or 3 years minimally. After this period of time, I prepare the first form of the future bowl (cylinder or ashlar) and store them in the room temperature (20-23 C) in which they will be situated as a final product.

Another method is to buy dry planks but it is a bit expensive.

Technique of woodturning:
A workpiece is attached to the lathe with four jaws and shaped by hand chisels outside and inside. After woodturning I abrade it with sandpaper (from 60, 80, 120, 220, 400, 600 to 1000)

Finishing can be done by:
- impregnation with linseed oil
- impregnation with beeswax, polishing
- cover it with "Danish oil" (mixture of linseed oil, Tung oil and natural resin. This method is older
than 1000 years.)

Some experts say, that the wood must subordinate to the shape. I affirm that it is wood that is the first and the shape must subordinate to the wood (to the nature).
The wood shows what is hidden inside.

The most beautiful bowls in my private collection arose from heart's ease and inspiration.
I like experiment with shape and materials. That is why the pieces of my work are unrepeatable.